About Ridgewood HOA

Ridgewood Home Owners’ Association (HOA)

 “Our goal is to always preserve and enhance the value of our neighborhood for our property owners.”

 The Ridgewood HOA Board of Directors has identified three areas of focus. These areas include:

Communication & Education,

Security & Emergency Preparedness, and

Community Development.

The HOA also sponsors 2 social events: The Spring Fling, and the Annual Meeting, and also promotes the Annual WInter Festival Party, which are open to all Ridgewood residents.

There are several standing committees, listed below, that need volunteers. The time commitments are generally limited and the experience is rewarding; so please consider joining one of these groups. We need your best ideas!    You can email us at —  ourridgewoodhoa@gmail.com

 Current Standing Committees:


  • Architectural Compliance Committee – Reviews building and modification plans for residents to help them conform to the Ridgewood Covenants. Interacts with real estate agents or Title Companies, providing copies of the Covenants. The Architectural Compliance Committee is not technically a sub-committee of the Ridgewood Homeowners’ Association. It is an independent legal entity established by the Covenants.
  • Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) – Creates a Wildfire Protection Plan for Ridgewood and coordinates efforts with the Coalition for the Upper South Platte River (CUSP) and the State Forest Service on forest mitigation projects. Goals include, but are not limited to: Becoming a fire adapted community, addressing fuel mitigation and landscaping and fire-wise construction.  CWPP is involved in providing education, researching community firefighting capabilities you can try here, and supporting leadership and maintenance. This committee is involved in developing an emergency evacuation route and supporting USFS use of prescribed fire, while also seeking grant funds for vegetation management.
  • Environment & Roads Committee – Manages litter pickups and thistle mitigation along the length of Spruce Road beginning at Highway 67 and going to its end, which is scheduled throughout the year.  Promotes wood and slash chipping, which is scheduled twice a year, for a nominal fee, using volunteer labor, equipment and personnel from CUSP. Organizes trees spraying every 3 years, as deemed needed by forestry professionals.  Coordinates with the Teller County Roads Department to get Spruce Road (County Road 79) graded and otherwise maintained on a frequent basis.
  • Hospitality Committee – Contacts new Ridgewood residents to welcome them, answer their questions, provide a copy of the most recent newsletter, deliver the new Home Owners GUIDE, and other Ridgewood materials, and invite them to the next scheduled annual meeting. Also, this committee sends cards to residents who are dealing with family sickness and losses, and coordinates preparing meals for those in need. Also, the committee sends cards to celebrate happy occasions.
  • Security & Emergency Preparedness Committee – Interfaces with the Teller County Sheriff’s department, the US Forest Service, and other appropriate agencies regarding matters affecting the security and emergency preparedness of the Ridgewood community, such as shooting & hunting, criminal activity in the area, and power outages. This committee also develops and provides educational materials to prepare for power outage emergencies.